Our Instructors

Based in Darwin and Palmerston regions, One2one Driving School, has fully qualified and nationally certified male and female instructors who hold all the required formal qualifications and experience. Both our instructors Shyam Bubber and Puneet Kaur, have a vast experience in the teaching and training industry.

Shyam and Puneet are passionate drivers with more than 24 years of driving experience in varied terrains and clocked more than one million kilometres on various highways around the world. As part of their passion for driving they have been to the most strenuous and highest motorable road in the world called the “Khardungla Pass, Leh”, in India, which is at an altitude of 18324 ft above sea level. Along with driving in Australia and India, they have enormous driving experience on the UK motorways covering from Gairloch in Scotland to Lands End in Penzance, UK.

Both our instructors, Shyam and Puneet have experience in classroom teaching in the UK and driver training in Australia and India where they have been training learners of various age groups and different backgrounds specially the female student group.

Driver training on the very busy roads of India is a very tough job and our instructors have been very successful in achieving a very good pass rate with their students.

Their knowledge and ability to professionally teach groups of students from different cultural and education backgrounds, age groups and specially students with anxious behaviours has made them famous amongst the students. Their patience and flexibility, combined with the ability to nurture the students and commitment to the profession and being a team player makes them the favourite of every student.

Shyam has completed his Mechanical Engineering Degree, he went to the renowned Coventry University, UK to pursue his Master’s degree in Automobile Engineering and also holds a MBA Degree from the famous Aston University, UK. He has worked in the automobile industry and has a great passion for driving.

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